Our Works

We are one of iOS app development company which is established in 2009 in Japan.


calculator to write down(ge-calc)

It is a calculator app can write down your calculation histories automatically, and has been downloaded more than 110,000 times.
It is so convenient when negotiating or dimensioning. You can store the notes into your Evernote notebook for reuse and also share them with your colleagues or family. It is available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad because of an universal app. You can use it for free.
We have used CoreData, Realm, and Eureka technologies inside of the app.
Dear ge-calc usersThe help/FAQ website in English is here.

It is a QR code creator and scanner. It is convenient when sharing an URL with a person next to you at a meeting, especially when the person is an Android user. It embraces watchOS app. We have used Realm inside.

A minimal designed calculator can write down the histories automatically.

A monitoring tool to see your healthy balance of diet provides you a graph and a simple advice from our nutritionist. It had been supervised by Kana Kitajima who is a Japanese certificated nutritionist. It is already finished selling.

Entrusted projects

・UI implementation of a smart lock watchOS app in prototyping phase for a startup company.
・UI implementation of a in-house app for a manufacturing company which has sales of 80 billion yen annually.
・Web API implementation of server side in Rails.

Advantages in OSS

SwiftyPickerPopover is created by CEO of ge-nie inc.
Realm with iOS and watchOS.
Eureka customization.


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