ge-calc Help/FAQ

This is the FAQ page for ge-calc.

Frequently referenced pages:
* Send all notes for free
* What’s “Notes list"?

No sound/No history:
* How to deal with problems that calculation history does not appear
* How to sound key?

* How to insert an image or change text color/style? New
* Zoom up an image New
* Open a new memo by 3D Touch New
* % Subtraction modes
* Assignment for keys to clear memories
* How to change the tax rate?
* How to exit ge-calc?

More convenient:
* Flip the memo upside down
* Share note from notes list
* What’s “Jump to the top"?

Restore add-on:
- How to restore the add-on?

- Localization by GitHub

Unsolved problems:
If you have any questions, unknown issues, or suggestion to improve our app, please send us your email via “Report an issue" on ge-calc's in-app setting screen. Or, send us email to directly. English is available.