Flip the memo upside down

When is it convenient?
・It is a function that makes it easy to show notes to people sitting opposite the table.
・You can flip the top and bottom of the memo by 1 tapping.
・With inverted, you can use the calculator as usual.
・It is very convenient when negotiating over the table.

・ge-calc 81 and later. For free.

How to use
・First, there is no text on the notepad, so you cannot tap the rotation button.

・But now, you can tap the button because there is a text on the notepad.

Once you tap it, the top and bottom of the memo are reversed like this.

When you operate the calculator in this state, notes will continue to be upside down display.
You can show the calculation process in real time to the opponent of the table.

Just tap the rotation button again to restore it.

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